As part of my #12DaysofSugaredFig Christmas series, I wanted to not only give discounts and freebies, but also provide my followers/subscribers some useful ideas!

And once again, I post pictures of our apartment with its respective seasonal decor.  Unlike last year, I really wanted to make this year's Christmas decor post helpful to you. Here's why.

I have been pretty intentional about our Christmas decor this year. The premise was to keep our Christmas box small (We have no storage space) and to use a lot of perishable items as decor- I think it makes everything much more homey!! Sources are tagged below the pictures, and I have provided some quick tutorials throughout. 

christmas 2017 blog post-19.jpg

Simple poinsettia tapestry (with my design!): Society 6

christmas 2017 blog post-4.jpg

The small Christmas box concept really exists because of our tree. We have no ornaments. This saves tons of space, and it's very VERY cheap! Last year, I bought a ton of potted white faux poinsettias from Michaels for $3 a piece (each plant contained 5 flowers!), some white hydrangeas, roses, and some filler. I wrapped a simple white flower garland around the tree to create the right shape, then poked in the flowers! 

For the stockings, since we don't have a fire place, I just found a stick on the ground outside and hung the stockings on them- a decoration I can just throw away in January! Cute and easy.

flowers: Michaels
our stockings: Ebay and Something Bold (Etsy)
Theo's stocking: Target

christmas 2017 blog post-3.jpg
christmas 2017 blog post-8.jpg

Okay, as you can tell, I had the MOST fun decorating the piano. I like to think of it as our makeshift mantle. I take decorating this piano seriously. Kept the classic white candles, added some garland, white porcelain houses, bottlebrush trees (green, white, and tan), and the new addition this year.... the macrame garland!! I thought of this garland idea in September and ordered from this cheap Etsy shop in Spain, and it arrived late October! 

white porcelain homes: Target (dollar section)
macrame garland: Mis Lanas Creativas (Etsy)
bottlebrush trees: Michaels, Joann Fabric, also they sell really cute ones at Magnolia

christmas 2017 blog post-5.jpg

I'll probably add more to the wreath wall. But here it is for the time being. 

Tutorial: Grab inexpensive wreaths and embellish them according to your style! I got this green wreath at Magnolia Market after New Year's for 75% (such a good call!) and added a silk ribbon bow. The smaller wreath was from Michaels, and I hot-glued white/cream fake flowers to it.

wreaths: Magnolia Market (no longer sold...), Michaels
ribbon: Silk and Willow

christmas 2017 blog post-10.jpg

More perishables!! Fresh garland and dried oranges. I still don't own any fake garland because I always just use the garland from Trader Joe's! $6.99 for 15' of garland. Seriously??! And you don't have to store it afterwards! Add some Target dollar section twinkly lights and ah!

Also, dried oranges. The easiest, coziest decoration in my opinion. It also brings back a vintage feel. My grandmother would tell us about what Christmas was like for her mother during the depression era, and how citrus was the greatest delicacy! They may have received a delivery of one or two during the whole season! My grandma still makes us "Ambrosia" at Christmas to keep on the tradition- a simple citrus salad with coconut. SO good. 

Dried Citrus Tutorial:
1. Slice oranges pretty thin, but not too thin or they may overcook
2. Place on baking sheets and cook at 200 for 4 hours.
3. Lay out to dry overnight on drying racks.
4. String together with baker's twine and a yarn needle!

christmas 2017 blog post-12.jpg

Had to have a classic Spode tree somewhere.

Kitchen Towel and Rug: Tuesday Morning


Another annual TJs purchase! Fresh swag.

christmas 2017 blog post-15.jpg

Alex made one request and it was to have a Nativity, which I definitely did not oppose! I looked forever for a raw wood one like this, and then stumbled upon one at Joann Fabrics!

christmas 2017 blog post-18.jpg

Y'all, my favorite calendar ever, the Cook's Illustrated "Farmer's Market" Calendar is for sale again for 2018! Only $15, but they run sales all the time. Source below.  I have loved the artwork for each month of 2017, and it brought me so much excitement each month when I flipped the page, that Alex wouldn't let me look ahead. It had to be a surprise every time! So worth it. I already have my 2018 one (with all new artwork) under the cabinet, ready to be pulled out!

farmer's market calendar:


Last, let me advertise my own stuff a little bit. Hanging prints to spruce up a wall- oh yeah!

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