With a few days left til November **and Christmas decor on the horizon** I figured I should document how our little home looks with minimal autumn decor. This year, for the interior design of our home, I went for a simplistic, organic, neutral style with midcentury/antique touches. If you know me, you know I've gone through many interior design phases in my life. Middle school began the pink and zebra phase, then during high school I redesigned my bedroom "shabby chic." Once I got to college, my taste in design shifted to a more mature, vintage look, though sometimes it turned grandma-y. After getting married, our first home was sort of a combination of vintage, eclectic, and slightly farmhouse-inspired... but I quickly got tired of that. I've learned that all of those styles (vintage, rustic, farmhouse, etc.) so quickly become overdone, so I have grown to love a classic, neutral canvas, leaving room for interesting details and touches here and there. Here are some photos I took of our home, sources tagged below. 

Linen Bedding- Anthropologie, Kilim Pillow- hali.erde, Yarn Macrame- handmade by meLamps-antiques

Flax Sofa- Rooms to Go, White Linen Pillows- IKEA, Gold Glass Cage- World Market

Chair and Blanket- Target, Pillows- IKEA, Gold Lamp- IKEA

Wreath- Michaels, Woven Basket- World Market

 Note the cute little painting of figs, painted by my lovely grandmother :)

Fact: Mr. Meyer's Apple Cider hand/dish soap has kept me sane this season. It's magical. 


Table- found while thrifting, Oriental Rug- Overstock.com

Here are Sugared Fig Headquarters! Our rather HUGE office is perfect for Alex and I to share. I have taken over this half, and his desk lies on the opposite wall. This IKEA shelf has been absolutely perfect, housing much of my art supplies, sample products, and some inventory. 

Because Alex's desk isn't very interesting to look at, here's our bookshelf on the other wall of the office ;) Which reminds me- my latest obsession has been playing every hymn I can think of on the uke using the only four chords I know. Alex finds it amusing, I think...

Have a restful rest of your Sunday, and Happy Halloween!

- Claire