I remember this one Mother's Day when my sisters and I had planned to surprise our mom with breakfast in bed. Like all of my schemes as a child, it was over-planned down to the detail of the sliced orange that would be placed on the rim of her glass. I made a menu and we went over the game plan the night before. The next morning, I got up extra early and went to the kitchen to get out the frying pan so that I could make the eggs- I don't even know if I was old enough to make eggs, but I did it. With all of the planning and micromanaging, I forgot the fact that my mom was a mother. The type of super human that can hear EVERY sound in the house, especially the sounds that shouldn't be occurring at times like in the middle of the night (baby crying) or early in the morning (four little girls banging around pans in the kitchen). So, to my disappointment, she walked in the kitchen and our plan was foiled! Even though the "breakfast in bed" was the whole goal of the gift, I was distraught that she found out the surprise... it seemed even more important that she be awoken to a perfectly prepared and designed breakfast tray. Oh well. If that gives you a glimpse into who I am, it's a pretty accurate representation of the perfectionism that I still suffer from today.

In honor of our sometimes flawed breakfasts in bed, I decided to mail my mom a "Breakfast in Bed" themed basket for Mother's Day. The basket included some perishables - Almond Butter Granola, Bonzai Melon, Blackberry Preserves -  a kitchen towel, and who doesn't love a good knockoff Volcano candle?! The sources are listed below the photos. Also, to download the simplistic Mother's Day card, simply click the link!


Natural Wood Mini Picnic Basket | Michaels
French Vanilla Coffee | Trader Joe's
Linen Striped Kitchen Towel | Home Goods
Almond Butter Granola | Trader Joe's
Candle | Marshalls
Lemon Green Tea | Central Market

Free Downloadable Mother's Day Card!