I've been dreaming of a white Christmas, but as my fellow Texans, know - it ain't happenin. Therefore, I brought the essence of a snowy Christmas inside! The past week has been super dreary and rainy, so I quickly snapped a few pictures of our seasonal decor today as the sun peaked through the clouds for a brief second. 

I've also been dreaming up floral Christmas trees for years, and now that we were able to afford (and fit a taller than 1 foot) Christmas tree, those dreams came true! White poinsettias, hydrangeas and roses wrap around the tree, and I put up two pictures of this because I can't decide whether I like lights on or off more. 

For the overall decor, I wanted a very natural, thrown-together look, so to Trader Joe's I went! They sell amazing pine/fir garlands and swags- for $6 or less! I told Alex we can't ever move anywhere where there isn't a Trader Joe's. Instead of a wreath on the front door, I really wanted something non-traditional, so I put together a swag and finished it off with a bow cut out of some scrap silk fabric. 

There are many other Christmas projects and crafts in the works, as well as some digital downloads I'm going to offer in the next few weeks. Also, be looking out for another blog post this week with DIY Christmas wrapping ideas using Sugared Fig Christmas gift tags!