customization guide

The Process

1 | Choose a suite

Browse our 11 suite options and choose one that fits your wedding theme and personal style most accurately.
Look through this guide to help decide on ink/envelope colors as well as paper types and printing processes.


2 | Place your order

Add all items to your cart. Be sure to browse our add-ons to make sure all your bases are covered, including addressing and other embellishments such as wax seals or ribbon wraps.


3 | Production

Within 10 business days, you will receive a digital proof. At this time, you may make up to 2 free revisions. Once final approval is given, please allow 2-4 weeks of production time depending on what printing processes or add-ons are chosen.


Paper Types & Printing methods

Standard Paper Options

Cardstock | 120 lb Bright White Cover
This is a smooth, heavyweight cardstock with clean edges. The most inexpensive option, however, it makes for a very crisp print. Not suitable for letterpress.

Cotton | 110 lb Ivory 100% Cotton
While also having straight edges, this paper has a lush, cottony texture and allows for a lovely letterpress impression.

Handmade | 150 GSM Ivory 100% Recycled Cotton
This paper has very tangible texture with “natural” edges. It looks gorgeous when digitally-printed, letterpressed, or foil-stamped, and has an organic feel.

Paper Upgrades*

Double-thick Cotton | 220 lb Ivory 100% Cotton
Most-recommended for a deep letterpress impression. This paper makes a statement as it is ultra-thick and luxurious.

Double-thick Handmade | 320 GSM Ivory 100% Recycled Cotton
Also highly recommended for letterpress. If you are wanting handmade paper + letterpress, the double thick option will show the best impression.

*These paper upgrades are available as add-on items. Must purchase in addition to the suite card of choice.

From left to right: Handmade, Cotton, Cardstock

From left to right: Handmade, Cotton, Cardstock

From top to bottom: Double-thick Cotton, Single-thick Cotton, Single-thick Handmade

From top to bottom: Double-thick Cotton, Single-thick Cotton, Single-thick Handmade


Printing methods

Ink is transferred to the paper via a professional laser printer (for cardstock) or inkjet printer (for cotton and handmade).

A timeless, centuries-old printing process where each sheet is hand-fed into press that contains a plate that physically makes an impression into the paper.
This method provides a tangible effect to your invitations- your guests will run their fingers across your invitation and feel the indention in the paper.

Similar to letterpress, foil-stamping uses a press that combines heat and pressure to adhere metallic foiling to your paper.
This process adds a glamorous touch to your stationery, and is recommended to be paired with cotton or handmade paper.







Color Options

Ink Colors

Ink Color Options without title-01.jpg

Foil Colors

Foil Options-03.jpg

Envelope Color Options

The following envelope color options have been carefully chosen to coordinate with any semi-custom invitation.
Black, Forest, Racing Green, Cobalt, and Burgundy cannot be paired with digitally-printed addressing as there is no ink color that will show up on these dark hues.
Calligraphy addressing and foil-stamped return addressing, however, is recommended for these colors.

Envelope Color Options-02.jpg


Wax Seals

Our wax seals our individually-stamped into sealing wax and include an adhered, peel-off backing for easy assembly.
They will arrive to you like stickers with very strong adhesive. They are able to hold down ribbon as well as seal an envelope, successfully making its way through USPS.

Wax seal color options-04.jpg


Wrapping Options

Single Wrap
Wrapped once, horizontally, around the invitation set. Can be tied in a bow, knot, or sealed with a wax seal. A clean look and nice way to hold the suite together inside the envelope.

Double Wrap
Wrapped twice, horizontally, around the invitation set. Can be tied in a bow, knot, or sealed with a wax seal. A messier, more organic look.

Assembly Options

“On the Spool”
Sent to you on the spool for you to assemble.

Sent to you already wrapped and tied/sealed so that you may simply slip into the envelope and mail!

Ribbon Color Options-05.jpg


Each envelope is hand fed through a high-end Xante envelope printer. Available in a simple serif font or with greenery flourishes to match the coordinating suite.
This option is cost-effective and has a clean, professional look. Not available on darker envelopes.

Hand-scripted using an age-old method, using a pointed pen nib and dipped in ink. This method is gorgeously romantic, bringing an old world feel to your suite.

Only available for the return address. Adds such a beautiful impression, with a metallic stamped address on your return flap. Highly recommended for darker envelopes.

Calligraphy Ink Options

Calligraphy Color Options-06.jpg




Foil-Stamped Return

Foil-Stamped Return