I'm Claire. I'm an artist of many mediums and a lover of Jesus, my husband, and my family. Whether I'm painting with a brush, making music with a violin, or cooking with unique ingredients, I am always finding ways to see the beauty and creativity in different artforms.

Here's a little about me:

Raised in the great state of Texas, I grew up in the sweetest family of four girls. I'm married to the man of my dreams, my childhood sweetheart. He's going to be a doctor, so he's pretty cool I guess. I have played the violin since the age of four. I'm also a secondary mathematics teacher. Though way before I was interested in teaching math, I was a painter and designer. I began painting with acrylics and oils throughout my childhood (inspired by my grandmother who is an artist) and then began developing my skills with digital art. My first website design was an entire website about frogs. I know, but I was seven for goodness sake! My whole life, my grandfather and father have owned a printing business, so I grew up learning the ins and outs of production- formatting, printers, scoring, paper, etc! I started my journey designing stationery and invitations in high school.

That leads us to today. I began this online shop last year after much encouragement from family and friends, initially to sell only wedding stationery. Immediately, my plans changed because I applied to be in a craft fair, and no one wants to casually buy wedding invitations on a Saturday afternoon. So I created other "paper goods": gift tags, art prints, recipe cards, note pads, and expanded my selection of items to be more accessible to the average buyer. I have loved every customer and friend I have made through my shop, whether they were a bride, a craft fair shopper, or an etsy recipe card purchaser.

Why "Sugared Fig Paperie"?

Though my shop name seems slightly random, it's not. My other precious grandmother (the one who isn't a painter) lives on a bunch of land, and that land contains a special little fig tree. Every summer we count down the days until the figs are ripe (before the squirrels get them!) and, when they are, pick them right off the tree and eat them! We also love to make jellies together, and my favorite are fig preserves....essentially, sugared figs. Both of my grandmothers have deeply shaped who I am, so my shop reflects a piece of each of them.


I offer two styles of wedding items- formal & semi-formal. The shop is listed with my current items, but I am open to any and all special requests or custom designs you can dream up!

I have designed save the dates, rehearsal dinner invitations, shower invitations, coordinating thank you card sets, postcards, signs, etc.

Other special services include:
Calligraphy addressing
Printed addressing
Letterpress/foil stamping
Wedding Signage