1. What is your turnaround time?

        -Upon placing your order, it will take up to 7 business days for a digital proof to be emailed to you. Once edits are made and final approval is given, your order will be printed and shipped within 2 weeks.*
*The production turnaround may be increased if additional production methods or add-on embellishments are purchased.
Communicate with us about an estimated ship date if you are concerned.

2. When should I order my invitations?

-Invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. We recommend placing your order at least 6 weeks from the date you need them (12-14 weeks before the wedding). Turnaround times vary depending on the printing method/add-ons chosen.

3. Can you rush my order?

        -Depending on how many orders are in my cue, there is a possibility that your order could be rushed. Rush fees with incur 20% additional costs. Contact me for inquiries.

4. How many invitations should I order?

- When planning how many invitations to order, keep in mind how many households (or addresses) you will be inviting, rather than guest count. We recommend ordering at least 10% additional suites to account for last-minute guest additions, keepsakes, and a set for the photographer. We strongly urge this because reprints are costly due to set up fees, so it is more inexpensive in the long run to purchase a few extra sets than ordering more later.

5. Can you do smaller or larger quantities that those you offer in the semi-custom collection? How about custom quantities (since yours are in increments of 25)?

- Yes, we can accommodate quantities, no matter how small or large! We also can cater to your specific quantity needs (between our increments of 25) - just send us a message! Keep in mind that small quantities still require set up fees, so please inquire about pricing.

6. How does addressing work?

- We offer four-types of addressing services: digitally-printed, handwritten calligraphy, foil-stamped/letterpressed return or rsvp addressing, and rubber address stamps.
For digital addressing, we require addresses to be formatted in our template, which we will email to you.

7. How much postage is required for my invitations?

       -All standard rectangular invitation suites typically require postage one ounce, the 55 cent stamp (as of 1/19). If thickness of the envelope is increased by a wax seal, ribbon, or double-thick paper, it may require the “non-machineable” rate of 70 cents. We recommend that you take one set to the post office to have measured and weighed before purchasing your postage. If you would like for us to recommend postage rates, please ask!

8. Can you print on other papers?

        -In our semi-custom collection, we offer three different paper types: 120 lb cardstock, 90 lb cotton, and ivory handmade paper. However, we are able to source a wide variety of unique colors and types of paper by request!

9. Do you design other items?

        -Yes. My Etsy Shop contains a variety of items including shower invitations, Christmas cards, stationery, gift tags, etc. I also am available for custom designs, and have created items such as graduation announcements or custom calligraphy vows.


All orders will be shipped via UPS Ground or USPS Priority mail, depending on the size & weight of the parcel. Need your order shipping expedited? We are able to accommodate overnight shipping by request. Please notify us prior to your estimated ship date and we can work with you on this. Additional shipping costs will be billed after the package label is created.

Once your digital proof is approved, it will take up to 2 weeks for your order to process and ship.


We require all orders to be approved (by a digital proof) before printed. If you are concerned with an ink color, we are able to ship you a physical proof for $20 prior to printing the whole job. We also suggest ordering a sample set from us prior to placing your order, so that you can see paper types/printing methods in person.

Additional, we thoroughly inspect all items before shipment. Therefore, we do not accept returns on any wedding items after the customer has given final approval EXCEPT if there is a printing mistake or damage to the product prior to shipment.

In the case of a printing error, the customer must contact us or email sugaredfigpaperie@gmail.com within 30 days and we will gladly take care of the issue and reprint your order within 5 business days. We do not expect the customer to ship the misprinted item back to us.